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Electromagnetic speed sensor (E12S Greenline)

Jaquet’s GreenLine product family of sensors and tachometers provides solutions for speed sensing and -control in a wide range of applications and industries. The GreenLine E12S sensor is an electromagnetic speed sensor with an M12x1 thread and 1 m silicone cable.

The Jaquet GreenLine E-series Variable Reluctance (VR) speed sensors consist of an iron core with an inductive coil and a permanent magnet. A ferromagnetic pole wheel passing the sensor influences the magnetic field, resulting in an AC voltage being induced in the coil. The amplitude of the signal depends on the speed, distance and material of the pole wheel. Electromagnetic sensors do not require an external supply.


  • Housing: Threaded M12x1, stainless steel, IP67
  • Connection: 1 m silicone cable, 0.34 mm²
  • Overall length: 69 mm
  • Thread length: 50 mm

GreenLine VR Electromagnetic speed sensors

  • Temperature rating: -40 – +125 °C
  • Signal output: Frequency and amplitude proportional to speed
  • Electrical: Sine wave output, 850 Ohm, 135 mH
  • Frequency range: Up to 20 kHz
  • Connection: 2-wire connection
  • Supply voltage: No supply voltage
  • Module range: 0.5 or larger
  • DP range: 50 or coarser

Jaquet GreenLine electromagnetic speed sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications, including diesel engine, gas engine, gearbox, electric motor, pump, turbine and compressor applications.

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